• MeloMELI
  • Matte lipstick
  • Suitable for all skin types
  • 3.5 g.

General information

This lipstick with a matte finish is available in five different shades.


We love lipsticks with a matte finish, but not the texture that dries and cracks lips after just a few hours. Matte x Heart on the Lips combines the best of both worlds: on one hand, a matte finish and a velvety texture, and on the other, the convenience of applying a lipstick. Its texture is creamy and it deeply hydrates lips, without leaving behind any flaky skin. It's ultra vibrant and lasts for hours and hours on your lips, but don't panic - it's not one of those lipsticks that are impossible to take off with makeup remover.

How to use

Glide the lipstick over your lips, starting from the outside edges and finishing in the centre. Reapply for a creamier and brighter finish.

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