• Tote bag
  • MiiN Cosmetics
  • Ecological and recyclable
  • Natural 275-gram cotton
  • 38 x 43 cm
Natural cotton

General information

This cotton tote bag by MiiN Cosmetics is a special limited edition! It's super durable and quantities are limited.


Our tote bag is now prettier than ever. With a gorgeous design in MiiN pink, it represents each of you with a simple Korean phrase: you look beautiful today.  Take this tote bag with you and throw whatever you want in it - it's super durable! It's made with 275-gram cotton, which means it can hold books, laptops and your favourite products. You can wash it without worry, but just don't iron it or wash it in extremely hot water.

We'll give you one of our tote bags for purchases of over €100. This promo is also available in stores.

Did you know...

Our bag is recyclable and ecological. Our friends at Bags of Ethics TM manufactured it with the utmost care under a strict protocol that's eco-friendly and respectful of the Indian community: they support the best and safest payment, employment and factory conditions for those working on the production line. The MiiN bag is, in addition to being a beautiful accessory, a way of working with responsible policies for all.

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